Immigration law & Asylum Seekers

Our firm specializes in immigration and international law, mostly in regard to those who wish to regulate their status In Israel. We deal with a large population which consists of many groups. The main groups are: people entitled to permanent residency, foreign worker population and asylum seekers according to the Geneva Convention (Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees).

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The services our firm offers consist of the following:

* Representation of asylum seekers starting with the first stage, in which a request for political asylum is filed in Israel. 
* Representation and presence in all the different interviews and interrogations carried out by the Registration Unit and the RSD Unit of the interior office. 
* Representing detainees and prisoners within the different detention facilities. Release from arrest and detention. 
* Petitioning and appealing to the higher courts (The Court for Administrative Affairs and the Supreme Court) in various matters concerning residency status, work permits and release from detention. 
* Representation and care with respect to the interior office, including: Visa requests, Spouse recognition, Humanitarian requests etc.

Representation and care with Friendship Visa to Israel, Visa for Family, Visa for Partner, Husband, Fiancee etc ...

Asylum seekers in Israel – A brief guide